EWDCI: Our Mission

The public deserves digital peace of mind, and “scraping” doesn’t have to be a dirty word when it is done responsibly, but responsibility needs defining.

The web data aggregation (“web scraping”) industry is still young, and still growing. As with any industry in its early stages, those working in this field have a one-time opportunity to shape how it is developed and perceived.

This industry will not stand to allow bad examples to define it, and so we’re organizing and taking action.

The Ethical Web Data Collection Initiative (EWDCI) is an international, industry-led consortium of web data collectors focused on strengthening public trust, promoting ethical guidelines, and helping businesses make informed data aggregation choices.

The EWDCI is dedicated to defining positive and beneficial uses of the important abilities and potential of web data collection and aggregation at scale. 

What we do:

    • Advocate for responsible web data collection and use of personal data
    • Educate and guide the industry on the use of ethical resources and tools used in web data collection
    • Foster consumer confidence in data collection through transparency and accountability
    • Enable commercial innovation
    • Promote online safety

Our goal is to prevent harmful legislation from passage worldwide, but also, potentially to seek inclusion in federal laws. In addition, we are building a framework to establish an open, participatory process around the development of legal and ethical web scraping provider principles, and then hold industry leaders accountable for those ethics. This work is ongoing and needs your insight!

Web scraping can be an ethical practice that invites progress for the free and open Internet, but it requires leaders to step up and make it so.

    About EWDCI + i2Coalition

    The Ethical Web Data Collection Initiative (EWDCI) seeks to foster cooperation in the web data collection and aggregation industry and leverage collective first-hand knowledge and insights to advocate for beneficial technical standards and business best practices regarding the aggregation of data. The EWDCI is dedicated to serving as the voice of the industry, collaboratively strengthening public trust in the practice of Data Aggregation, promoting ethical guidelines, and helping businesses make informed data aggregation choices. 

    The Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition, i2C) is the leading voice for web hosting companies, data centers, domain registrars and registries, cloud infrastructure providers, managed services providers, and related tech. The i2C works with Internet infrastructure providers to advocate for sensible policies, design and reinforce best practices, help create industry standards, and build awareness of how the Internet works. The i2Coalition also spearheaded the creation of the VPN Trust Initiative, which determined and promoted best practices for that vital industry.