As the Ethical Web Data Collection Initiative (EWDCI) gathers insights to shape its foundational principles, we were thrilled to feature on the InsideAnalysis show, as well as the TechHQ news site.

Internet Infrastructure Industry Coalition (i2Coalition) Director Christian Dawson joined host Eric Kavanaugh on the InsideAnalysis show to discuss user consent, data security, and accountability in web data collection. This episode, “The Power of Standards”, gets to the heart of why the the EWDCI is important—not only for the web data collection industry, but for the world’s Internet end-users as well.

You can watch Part 1 here and Part 2 here. If you prefer the audio-only experience, you can listen to the entire InsideAnalysis episode here.

InsideAnalysis on KCAA is the only nationally-syndicated radio show in America that’s dedicated to the information economy. Kavanaugh is CEO of the Bloor Group, which specializes in vendor-neutral enterprise software industry analysis.

Dawson also joined Tony Fyler of TechHQ for a two-part discussion of web-scraping ethics and how the EWDCI fits into the larger discussion between Internet companies, consumers, and governing bodies around how data can be collected and used. You can read the transcripts here:

Part 1: Web Scraping and Digital Peace of Mind
Part 2: Web Scraping and the Evolution of Principles

TechHQ is an independent tech news website that covers enterprise and technology from around the world for an audience of innovators, entrepreneurs, business managers, channel partners, and change-makers.

Join the Conversation Around Ethical Web Data Collection

The EWDCI is an industry-led consortium of web data collectors committed to promoting ethical guidelines in how data is collected, thus strengthening public trust and helping businesses make informed data aggregation choices. As Dawson told Fyler, “While we are very proud of the work that we’ve done so far, it is purposefully created to facilitate an ongoing dialogue. That starts now, with the release of these initial principles.” Join this dialogue: the public comment period for the EWDCI’s Principles 1.0 document is open until April 28, 2023.